Stone Coated Steel Roof Repair and Installation

stone coated steel roof with chimney

Discover Stone Coated Steel Roofing

Stone-coated steel roofing in Midland, TX is not only a practical option for your home or property, but it’s also an elegant option. The composition of stone-coated steel is of steel sheets that are then coated in stone granules. The sheets can be stylized in a variety of colors and shapes depending on necessity and use. These shapes include the classic look of traditional shingles, wood shakes, or clay or tile products. Stone-coated steel has been used in a variety of climates and for many different purposes, such as resort architecture and condominium projects. As far as enhanced energy efficiency, please note that some stone-coated steel products have infrared pigments that are embedded in the stone coatings which in turn increase the natural solar reflectance. In order to find out more about our specific offerings, please feel free to get in touch with us at 432-522-1117 today!

Do You Need Stone Coated Steel Roof Repair?

Stone-coated steel roofing can be composed of twenty-four or twenty-six gauge rolled steel sheets that are coated with a rust-preventative coating. In rare cases, the stone coated steel will need repairs in the first ten years of installation, and usually, these can be covered by the warranty. In order to anticipate any needed repairs, our roofing team suggests scheduling annual roofing inspections. Even if the report comes back that nothing is wrong with your roof, and in fact that your roof performing exceedingly well, that’s going to represent a sigh of relief and one less thing for you to worry about on your annual home improvement list.

Experienced Stone Coated Steel Roof Installation 

As with all of our metal roofing options, our team uses industry-standard procedures to ensure that each application is performed to the appropriate specifications. When homeowners experience the grand reveal of their stone-coated steel roof, they will not only be pleased with the aesthetics, but also the performance. 

For the best stone coated steel roofing in Midland, TX, you can rely on us. We provide lots of different color samples and will share the advantages with you candidly. Give us a call at 432-522-1117!