Concrete Tile Roof Installation

Concrete roofing tile

Exceptional Concrete Tile Roof Installation

Composed of sand, cement, water, and iron oxide, concrete roof tiles offer a promising solution for new construction property developers. These water and weather-resistant roofing tiles are an excellent example of roofing material that is made to last. The installation of these concrete roofing tiles upon an existing roof is a nuanced process. First, the previous roof must be removed, the underlayment must be replaced, and then battens will be added to fasten the tiles. To learn more about a concrete tile roof installation in Midland, TX, consult with our team at Hartman Roofing. You can give us a call at 432-522-1117 and we can set up an appointment at your convenience.

Concrete Tile Roof Repair is Available

While uncommon in newer installations, concrete roof tiles can eventually crack and when they do, they must either be replaced or repaired. When that happens, it’s best to only use a qualified roofing company, such as Hartman Roofing. Our capable roofing crew has many years of experience in the matter of roof repairs. We provide expert installations on not only residential roofing installations but also commercial roofing installations. Whether our clients need a flat roof repair or a more serious roof replacement of the asphalt shingle variety, we can help. By using industry-standard procedures, we work with warranties and deliver proven results. 

Are You Ready for a Concrete Tile Roof Replacement?

Are you aware of the benefits of a concrete tile roof replacement? Not only do these roofs last longer than their asphalt shingle roof contemporaries, but they can provide maximum roofing protection for a property. If you are worried about heavy hail, high-speed winds, or fire occurring from an outside source, a concrete tile roof replacement could be the best option for you and your property. By calling us at 432-522-1117, we can set up a personalized consultation wherein we discuss your needs, including a budget, roofing performance, and longevity.

Schedule your consultation today for a concrete tile roof installation in Midland, TX! You can reach us with a quick phone call to our line at 432-522-1117.