Synthetic Slate Roofing

Synthetic slate roof installation

Are You Ready for a Synthetic Slate Roofing Installation?

If you haven’t heard of what a synthetic slate roof installation is, now is the time to start dissecting what these roofs are and why they are different from other kinds of roofing installations. Synthetic roofs are made up of many compressed synthetic materials in the form of tiles or shingles. Depending on the manufacturer, these tiles or shingles are mixed and compressed according to the different material compositions. With a variety of roofing styles and colors, property owners have the ability to pick and choose their synthetic slate roof as desired. If you would like a synthetic slate roofing installation in Midland, TX, please reach out to us at 432-522-1117 now. 

Synthetic Slate Roof Repair Is Here for You

One of the excellent advantages to synthetic slate roofs is the fact that synthetic slate roofs can last up to one hundred years and the majority of them have great warranties, lasting up to fifty years. If your synthetic slate roof was installed in the last five or ten years, it’s a great time to schedule a roofing inspection. Roofing inspections are the ideal way to avoid roofing leaks because an expert eye can help prevent leaks from getting worse and from eventually getting inside the home or property. Our roofing procedures are second to none in an industry where experience and knowledge are key to installing superior roofs. With a good roofing installation comes a need for eventual repairs, and we’re your number one roofing company for all such roofing needs.

Benefits of Synthetic Slate Roof Systems

As a matter of course, synthetic slate roofs need to be weighed against the same criteria as other kinds of roofing materials. Synthetic slate roofs are, for the most part, certified for the highest level of impact resistance and fire resistance for roofing materials. These synthetic slate shingles are effective against exposure to external fires, and are not readily flammable. If wildfires are a problem in your area, and you would like some additional protection for your roof, synthetic slate is a solid choice for property-owners. 

Our roofing team can be called upon for your synthetic slate roofing installation in Midland, TX. If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch with us at 432-522-1117 now.