Roof Wind Damage Repair

Wind damages on a roof

Roof Wind Damage Repair Specialists

Storms can leave a powerful mark on the integrity of a roofing system. Storms come and go but the damage they leave behind won’t simply go away on a whim. Our team at Hartman Roofing understands this intuitively. With our many years of roof repairs and roof replacements due to inclement weather, you can trust us to perform a superior roof inspection that will reveal any existing damages on your roof system. Moreover, we can deduce the source of the roofing damage, whether the culprit is rain, hail, or wind. Call us today at 432-522-1117 if you think you need wind damage roof repair in Midland, TX.

The Signs of Wind Roof Damage on Your Property

Some of the signs of wind damage can be closely tied to similar storm damage, which is why it’s important to deduce the subtle differences. Overall, the roof needs to be repaired if the following problems are found in your roof system:

  • Lost or missing shingles
  • Chimney issues
  • Damaged or missing flashing
  • Tree branches were strewn around the roof
  • Asphalt granule loss
  • Missing roofing material

Any roofer can attest that high-speed winds are to be taken seriously when it comes to the integrity of a roofing system. Turn to us if you haven’t had a proper roofing inspection in recent years. We’d be glad to help.

Qualified Roof Repairs For Your Property

Whether your property is in need of a roof repair or a roof replacement, we’d be happy to undertake the necessary investigation to ensure that your property is safe from weather intrusion. After all, only a few things are more stressful than dealing with roof leaks and roof damage, particularly during the winter and summer months. While it is true that roof storm damages are usually covered by homeowner’s insurance, having the right reports and documentation in the form of roof insurance claims help will make things go smoother with your insurance company from the outset. Get in touch with our team to learn more.

If you are interested n roof wind damage repair for your home or property in Midland, TX, we’d be happy to help! Please reach out to us at 432-522-1117 today.