TPO Roof Repair & Installation

TPO roofing

TPO Roofing is Available for Commercial Property Owners

TPO, also known as Thermoplastic Polyolefin, was introduced as a roofing material in the early ’90s. As a single-ply roofing membrane, it is composed of three layers of roofing material, starting with a base, a reinforced scrim, and a compounded top ply. These affordable roofs are a popular option for commercial property owners with flat and low-slope roof systems. With so many roofing options to choose from, it’s important to solicit the opinion of an experienced roofing professional. Our team at Hartman Roofing is reachable at 432-522-1117 and we’d be happy to discuss all of your TPO roofing needs in Midland, TX.

TPO Installation for New Construction

If you have a new construction project and you’re considering a TPO roof installation, it’s important for you to consider all of the advantages. For instance, an 80-mil TPO roof usually comes with a 25-year warranty. With the right maintenance measures, it’s not uncommon for TPO roofs to last thirty years or longer. If longevity and durability are a consideration, TPO roofs are certainly a considerable option. Our team will also be happy to discuss other roofing options, such as PVC and EPDM. We will be honest about the outcomes and whether or not we recommend a singular style or application.

Turn to Us for TPO Repair and TPO Replacement

Is your roof ready for just some TPO repairs, or are you ready for a TPO replacement? One of the reasons why you might want a TPO roof replacement is because your existing roof is out of warranty and because you may want to transfer the property into another owner’s hands. In such cases, a new roof would provide value for the new property owner, and display signs of property cultivation. We would be happy to give you all the pertinent information about your new roof so that we can help with any future warranty-related repairs. Whatever the case, we will be glad to help you with all of your roofing needs.

Contact us for your TPO roofing in Midland, TX. We can handle all of your TPO roof repairs and replacements after a quick call to one of our teammates at 432-522-1117.