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Your Hardworking Residential Roofer 

When was the last time your roof received a proper inspection? If you haven’t had a proper roof checkup in the last five years, right now is the best time to start getting the gears in motion. Our team at Hartman Roofing is dedicated to ensuring that each roof that we inspect is investigated according to industry-standard protocol. That means that we adhere to a rigorous review of all the roofing elements on your roof. Whether you have an asphalt shingle roof, a stone-coated steel roof, or a standing seam roof, we will get to the bottom of all potential damages in a timely manner. Moreover, as your residential roofer in Midland, TX, we have the ability to repair your roof or give you a full roof replacement as is deemed necessary. Please feel free to reach out to us at __PHONE__ and one of our friendly team members will be happy to address all of your roofing questions.

A Residential Roof Company You Can Depend On

Every roof has a timeline from the beginning to the end of its utility. From the time that it is first installed, and until the end of its use, it’s essential to have periodic check-ins. After all, there may be cracks that have developed in the flashing or pooling water on a suspicious area of the roof. In these instances, water has the opportunity to penetrate the roof and cause a cascade of damage, impacting layers of the top from the shingles to the underlayment. Our roofing team is skilled and able to help with all manner of roof repairs. Whether the source of the damage is related to hail, wind, or the ravages of time, we’ll be able to identify what needs to be done and commence with repairs in a realistic timeframe.

Accountable Storm Damage Roof Repair 

High-speed winds, thunder, lightning and pelting rain. Each of these components, when taken together, can negatively impact your roof, particularly when there is heavy rain and the storm persists for a long duration of time. Hours of high-speed winds can have a sincere toll on asphalt shingles, for example. If you happen to see shingles missing from your roof or on your lawn, then you can determine for certain that you need Hartman Roofing for your residential roof. The impacts of storm damage can be determined by our many years of experience. Our roofing specialists would be happy to use our knowledge and experience to benefit our customers in this endeavor.

  • Asphalt Shingle Roof Repair/Replacement When it comes to asphalt shingle roofs, no one repairs or replaces them better than us!
  • Concrete Roof Tiles Concrete roof tiles are an elegant example of a unique roofing material that has lasting durability.
  • Roof Inspections The first step to each roof repair or roof replacement is a proper roofing inspection. Learn more today!
  • Roof Installation A roof installation for your new construction project should only be handled by roofing experts. We will give you a competitive bid.
  • Roof Repair Company Our roof repair company helps out with all manner of roof repairs. The odds are that if you have a problem, we can fix it!
  • Spanish Tile Repair Spanish tile is a classic complement to a well-designed home or property. Don’t forget — these insulated roofs can provide energy savings!
  • Synthetic Shake Shingles For the look of a wood roof without the constant maintenance that wood roofs need turn to synthetic shake shingles.
  • Synthetic Slate Roofing Slate is classic. For a lighter, and potentially more affordable roof, choose synthetic slate.
  • Synthetic Tile Roofing Are you interested in a synthetic tile roof? If so, get in touch with our roofers today!
  • Tile Roofing The best thing you can do if you are interested in tile roofing or tile roof repairs is to reach out to our qualified staff.

Superior Metal Shingle Installation

Our team at Hartman Roofing provides an extensive selection of roofing solutions at competitive prices. This remains true of all of our offerings, including our residential metal shingle installations. The reason why metal shingles continue to be a premier roofing product is that they are strong, energy-efficient, and display admirable durability. 

Give Your Residential Roofing Contractor a Call

From repair to replacement, our roofing teams can do it all. Once you give us a call at 432-522-1117, you can expect to reach a friendly member of our team. We’ll take down all the relevant details pertaining to your roofing needs, and we’ll schedule a roofing expert to your location in a timely manner. Please feel free to reach out to us today!

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It’s a great time to schedule a roofing inspection if there’s been a recent storm in Midland, TX. Give Hartman Roofing a call at 432-522-1117 to get started today!